Day 1 (4.2.2015) will mainly be dedicated to the presentation of the scientific outcomes of the TEMPS project. All talks will be held in English.

Day 2 (5.2.2015) will focus on practical issues related to changing permafrost conditions in the Alps and is also especially addressed to all practitioners interested in permafrost-related topics! Talks will be held either in French or German.

• symposium programme (German / English / French) for download
• Presentations marked with pdf download, can be downloaded by clicking the icon. We thank all authors, who made their presentations available!

4 February 2015

The evolution of mountain permafrost

10:00 Introduction & Welcome | C. Lambiel (University of Lausanne)
10:05 KEYNOTE: Climate change and impact on mountain cryosphere in the Alps - An overview | W. Schöner (University of Graz) pdf download
10:40 The TEMPS project: The evolution of mountain permafrost in Switzerland | C. Hauck (University of Fribourg) pdf download
Session I: Long-term permafrost monitoring
11:30 KEYNOTE: Permafrost monitoring on the summit of Mt. Fuji, Japan | A. Ikeda (University of Tsukuba) pdf download
12:05 Permafrost Monitoring in Switzerland: The concept of PERMOS | J. Nötzli (University of Zürich/PERMOS) pdf download
12:25 Key messages from observational mountain permafrost research | B. Staub (University of Fribourg) pdf download
Session II: Permafrost kinematics & processes
13:45 Kärpf landslide – The role of ice filled fractures on deep-seated rock slope deformations | A. Kos (Terrasense AG)
14:05 Rockglacier landform evolution - A modelling approach | J. Müller (University of Zürich) pdf download
14:25 An extensive kinematic analysis of a rock glacier in the Swiss Alps | T. Buchli (ETH Zürich)
14:45 Short term variability of diverse mountain permafrost slope movements | V. Wirz (University of Zürich) pdf download
Session III: Climate change and modelled permafrost evolution
15:35 KEYNOTE: Permafrost modeling across different scales | S. Westermann (University of Oslo) pdf download
16:10 Climate scenarios for the Alpine space I: Overview | S. Kotlarski (ETH Zürich) pdf download
16:30 Climate scenarios for the Alpine space II: Downscaling and bias correction | J. Rajczak (ETH Zürich) pdf download
16:50 Multi-sites long-term modelling of mountain permafrost in Switzerland: From calibration to projection | A. Marmy (University of Fribourg) pdf download
Session IV: Poster session (with beer/wine & apéro)
17:15 – 18:45
Talik formation in a rock glacier, Ritigraben, Grächen VS | R. Lüthi & M. Phillips (SLF Davos)
SLF permafrost temperature monitoring network | M. Phillips & R. Lüthi (SLF Davos)
Technical improvement of the Four Phase Model to better assess the ice, water and air content of the underground | S. Python, C. Hauck, C. Hilbich, C. Pellet (University of Fribourg) pdf download
Snow alters thermal processes in rock walls | A. Haberkorn (SLF Davos) et al. pdf download
Mesure d'inclinaison de blocs à l'aide d'accéléromètres à bas coût | M. Bochud (Geoazimut Sàrl) et al.
2D and 3D digital photogrammetry for assessing the rock glacier kinematics: Case studies from the Southern Swiss Alps | C. Scapozza & C. Ambrosi (SUPSI) pdf download
Numerical modelling of convective heat transport by air flow in permafrost-rich talus slopes | J. Wicky (University of Fribourg) et al. pdf download
Synthetische Modellierung geoelektrischer und seismischer Daten zur Bestimmung der Aussagekraft eines 4 Phasenmodelles anhand eines Blockgletschers im Val de Réchy | B. Mewes (University of Fribourg) et al. pdf download
Morphological evolution and stability modeling of the West face of the Drus (Mont Blanc) | B. Matasci (University of Lausanne) et al. pdf download
Mapping and modeling of Mongolian permafrost | Y. Jambaljav (Mongolian Academy of Sciences) et al.
Debris-flow monitoring Dorfbach, Randa | C. Graf (WSL Birmensdorf) pdf download
The role of ground ice thaw in triggering rapid mass wasting in Northern Iceland: The potential application of geophysical methods | C. Morino (The Open University Milton Keynes)
Permafrost Monitoring Sonnblick | S. Reisenhofer & C. Riedl (ZAMG) pdf download
Analysis and mapping of mountain permafrost data: Case studies and comparison with existing models | N. Deluigi (University of Lausanne) et al.
Detection and quantification of rock glacier movement in the Austrian Alps using governmental GIS data | V. Kaufmann (Graz University of Technology) & A. Kellerer-Pirklbauer (University of Graz) pdf download
PYRN: Permafrost Young Researchers Network | C. Pellet (University of Fribourg) et al.
Permafrost investigations in the rock walls of the Mont Blanc massif, a combined measurements, modelling and geophysical approach | F. Magnin (University of Savoie) et al.
Link between bedrock temperature and documented rock falls in the Mont Blanc massif rock walls | F. Magnin (University of Savoie) et al.
Sediment transfer from periglacial slope movements into torrential channels: A new inventory method in the perspective of natural hazards assessment | M. Kummert (University of Fribourg) et al.

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5 February 2015

Risks and challenges of permafrost degradation

Session V: Climate change and thawing permafrost: Risks and challenges
09:00 Le permafrost et son évolution dans les Alpes Suisse – Les résultats du projet TEMPS en regard de la pratique | R. Delaloye (University of Fribourg) pdf download
09:15 Permafrost et glace de sous-sol dans les dépôts sédimentaires de haute montagne | C. Lambiel (University of Lausanne) pdf download
09:30 Glaciers rocheux déstabilisés dans les Alpes valaisannes: Exemples et causes possibles | L. Braillard (University of Fribourg) pdf download
09:45 2005-2015: 10 ans de questionnements sur les écroulements rocheux et le permafrost dans le massif du Mont Blanc | L. Ravanel (University of Savoie) pdf download
10:00 Infrastruktur und Bauen im Permafrost | M. Phillips (SLF Davos)
10:15 Discussion
Session VI: New methods for permafrost investigations
11:10 Systemauswahl und Konzepte für geodätische Überwachungsmessungen im Permafrost | R. Kenner (SLF Davos)
11:25 Echtzeit Permafrost Monitoring im Mattertal | J. Beutel (ETH Zürich) pdf download
11:40 Geophysikalische Methoden zur Beobachtung von Tauprozessen und Eisgehalts-
quantifizierung im Permafrost
| C. Hilbich (University of Fribourg/ University of Zürich) pdf download
11:55 Methodische Fortschritte zur Überwachung instabiler, hochalpiner Felswände | M. Keuschnig (alpS Innsbruck)
12:10 Discussion
Session VII: Case studies
13:45 Verankerungen und Probleme mit Naturgefahren im Permafrost | H. Rovina (Rovina + Partner AG) pdf download
14:00 Permafrostveränderungen und Instabilitäten in steilem Fels | L. Fischer (Geotest) pdf download
14:15 Permafrost – Eine Schlüsselgrösse in der Gefahrenhinweiskarte Periglazial | P. Mani (Geo7) pdf download
14:30 Systemwechsel in Wildbächen nach Felssturz im Periglazialbereich des Einzugs-
gebiets – Zwei Fallbeispiele aus dem Berner Oberland
| N. Hählen (Kanton Bern) pdf download
14:45 Discussion
Session VIII: Synthesis & discussion
15:30 Synthèse pour l'opérationnel: Lien entre recherche et pratique | E. Bardou (CREALP)
15:45 Final discussion

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6/7 February 2015


Two-day skitouring excursion to the Becs-de-Bosson and Tsavolires rock glaciers (permafrost kinematics monitoring sites) in the upper Réchy valley with overnight stay in the Becs-de-Bosson alpine hut at almost 3000 m altitude.

Day 1: Access to the area (by bus, cable car, and ski lift), skitouring visit of the investigation sites, and ascent to the hut.
Day 2: Skitouring excursion with a long final downhill! The excursion will end in Sion sometime in the early afternoon.
(Programme is subject to changes depending on weather and snow conditions.)

150 CHF (including transportation from and to Sion, cable-car and lift tickets, accommodation, dinner and breakfast, mountain guide)

Specific skills and equipment
• Complete skitouring equipment (can be rented locally).
• Acceptable skiing skills.
• Enough fitness for a three- to five-hour skitour on both days.

Field guide
field guide for download

Organisation of the excursion and further details
Reynald Delaloye (

Becs-de-Bosson rock glacier The Becs-de-Bosson rock glacier in October 2014.

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